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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1982 TCMA Charleston Charlies5Heaton, Neal1$1.25
Buy it Today1984 Donruss Base Set373Heaton, Neal86$0.18
Buy it Today1984 Fleer Base Set546Heaton, Neal72$0.18
Buy it Today1984 Fleer Stickers113Heaton, Neal16$0.18
Buy it Today1985 Donruss Base Set373Heaton, Neal71$0.18
Buy it Today1985 Fleer Base Set451Heaton, Neal55$0.18
Buy it Today1986 Donruss Base Set338Heaton, Neal108$0.18
Buy it Today1986 Fleer Base Set589Heaton, Neal92$0.18
Buy it Today1986 Leaf Base Set203Heaton, Neal16$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Donruss Base Set615Heaton, Neal333$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Fleer Base Set543Heaton, Neal211$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Fleer Update43Heaton, Neal140$0.18
Buy it Today1987 Topps Traded45THeaton, Neal83$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Donruss Base Set134Heaton, Neal460$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Donruss Baseball's Best124Heaton, Neal22$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Fleer Base Set185Heaton, Neal222$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Fleer Mini89Heaton, Neal6$0.18
Buy it Today1988 MSA Hostess Discs10Heaton, Neal2$0.18
Buy it Today1988 O-Pee-Chee Base Set354Heaton, Neal12$0.18
Buy it Today1988 O-Pee-Chee Stickers80Heaton, Neal1$5.00
Buy it Today1988 Panini Stickers319Heaton, Neal3$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Score Base Set430Heaton, Neal126$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Score Glossy430Heaton, Neal1$0.50
Buy it Today1988 Sportflics Base Set81Heaton, Neal10$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Base Set765Heaton, Neal241$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Big33Heaton, Neal36$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps O-Pee-Chee Sticker Backs29Heaton, Neal9$0.18
Buy it Today1988 Topps Tiffany765Heaton, Neal4$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Donruss Base Set224Heaton, Neal275$0.13
Buy it Today1989 Fleer Base Set377Heaton, Neal211$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Fleer Update113Heaton, Neal83$0.18
Buy it Today1989 O-Pee-Chee Base Set197Heaton, Neal3$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Score Base Set253Heaton, Neal139$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Upper Deck Base Set99Heaton, Neal228$0.14
Buy it Today1990 Donruss Base Set658Heaton, Neal340$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Fleer Base Set468Heaton, Neal220$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Leaf Base Set460Heaton, Neal146$0.18
Buy it Today1990 O-Pee-Chee Base Set539Heaton, Neal1$0.50
Buy it Today1990 Publications International Stickers156Heaton, Neal2$0.25
Buy it Today1990 Topps Big255Heaton, Neal1$0.18
Buy it Today1990 U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars7DHeaton, Neal17$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Upper Deck Base Set86Heaton, Neal242$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Donruss Base Set475Heaton, Neal140$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Fleer Base Set38Heaton, Neal102$0.18
Buy it Today1991 O-Pee-Chee Base Set451Heaton, Neal1$0.50
Buy it Today1991 Panini Stickers115Heaton, Neal8$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Score Base Set233Heaton, Neal205$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Stadium Club Base Set53Heaton, Neal60$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Ultra Base Set279Heaton, Neal101$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Upper Deck Base Set36Heaton, Neal393$0.13
Buy it Today1992 Donruss Base Set522Heaton, Neal146$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Fleer Base Set554Heaton, Neal141$0.18
Buy it Today1992 O-Pee-Chee Base Set89Heaton, Neal23$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Base Set723Heaton, Neal66$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Stadium Club Base Set357Heaton, Neal164$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Stadium Club Base Set877Heaton, Neal136$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Upper Deck Base Set417Heaton, Neal304$0.13
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